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Unforgettable Easy Parmesan Rolls

Today my sister-in-law Amy is guest-posting again with her easy Parmesan roll recipe.  Oh, and it's also her birthday--so Happy Birthday Amy! Enjoy this recipe my friends! --Lisa

Unforgettable Crusty Parmesan Rolls
By Amy

*FINALLY a copy of our favorite Parmesan Rolls from an unnamed restaurant!

 Remember when you were a poor college student and your food budget was so tight you’d eat a small packet of oatmeal for breakfast and only a sandwich and an apple for lunch?  You’d write your name on your milk and hope no roommates ate any of your cheese while you were in class?  Oh, come on…if you had the blessed opportunity to work your way through college, you know exactly what I mean!

During those fab years of study, starving and fun… my parents would come to town on rare occasion.  When they came they would take us to one of our favorite restaurants. What a treat!  It was a family owned restaurant that was AMAZING and had been doing stellar business for something like 30 years.

When they seat you, they bring a basket of piping hot crusty Parmesan rolls.  These rolls are the BEST YOU HAVE EEEEEEEEEVER HAD!  Seriously!  I’ve eaten at some snazzy places, here in the states and abroad, and I do love good bread…a fresh baguette in Europe is to-die-for….but…..nothing tops these rolls!  They have this heavenly crunchy garlic crust and when you bite into them the inside is so soft and pillowy…truly a piece of heaven. 

I’ve tried dozens of times to duplicate those rolls!  I’ve tried to figure out what makes these perfect.  I’ve tried different parm toppings….I’ve tried different roll recipes, I’ve used secret ingredients from artisan bread bakeries, I’ve tried egg dipping the dough, I’ve tried extra butter before, during and after baking….yes this is ridiculous…I REALLY wanted to be able to make these at home!


One day I found this recipe…..

I tossed out my homemade roll recipe, for these at least… and decided to use Rhodes frozen roll dough.  This really makes a difference!

We also noticed a secret baking instruction while we were at the restaurant waiting for our order of a dozen rolls to-go…..hee, hee, hee…..this secret baking instruction makes all the difference!  Yes!

These will change your life!  DELISH!

WARNING:  These are not light by any means…only make these on special occasions, or you’ll gain back all the weight you lost for your class reunion! ENJOY!  Love and crusty Parmesan heaven. 

Amy J

Let the cooking begin!!!!

 Unforgettable Easy Parmesan Rolls
1 bag Rhodes frozen dough balls
½ cup melted butter
½ cup Best Foods Mayonnaise

1 ½ cups Parmesan cheese…green can….Yes…I know…but….please….just do it!
¼ to ½ tsp garlic powder…..just depends on how much garlic you like
½ tsp parsley flakes

Let 24 frozen dough balls thaw slightly on the counter.

In a bowl, mix together mayonnaise with melted butter….set aside.   In a separate bowl stir together Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, and parsley flakes.  Set aside.

Take each dough ball and roll it in the butter/mayo mixture to cover completely.  Next roll the dough ball in the parm mixture…pressing down firmly on all sides so lots of Parmesan sticks!

Place dough balls on a greased jellyroll pan.  12 rolls per pan, well spaced so they won’t cook together.  Let rise in a warm place until double.

(These make big rolls.  My favorite method is to cut the dough balls in half and roll them in your hands making them slightly oblong.  These make smaller, fatter breadstick-looking rolls.  Plus, you get more amazing Parmesan crust over a smaller surface area of roll).

Bake at 350 degrees until nice and golden brown on top.  All ovens are different.  My gas oven takes about 20 minutes.  Please don’t over bake!  Take them out when they are golden brown on top!  Set the pans of rolls aside until just before dinner.


THIS IS THE SECRET that makes ALL the difference.

 Turn your oven on to 400 degrees.  As you sit down to dinner, slide one pan of rolls back into the oven for 2-3 minutes ONLY!  This extra baking step gives that delicious crunchy texture to the outside Parmesan crust and warms the rolls perfectly!  There you go!  Now you know the secret!!!  Enjoy!

Note:  You can prepare these the night before.  Don’t thaw the dough balls very much before you start rolling them in the parm mixture.  Once they are covered in Parmesan, cover them and chill them overnight in your fridge.  In the morning, let them rise as needed and bake!  This will give you a head-start and save you time if needed!

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  1. Oh goodness these look so good! I love rolls and I love Parmesan so I can not wait to try these! Happy Birthday Amy and it was great to meet you at BYBC Lisa!

    1. Oh yes it was! Thanks for stopping by today!!

  2. Those look mouthwatering! They are making me really hungry. I can't wait to try them out. Pinning them for later!

  3. Oh my goodness! These look amazing! Actually anything bread related sounds good to me right now :-) I will definitely be trying these soon.

  4. These look delicious! I'm putting them on the menu for this week!

  5. Yum!! It looks like I'll be volunteering to bring rolls to dinner on Sunday so I can make these :)


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