Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cove Fort: A Perfect Family Roadtrip Pit Stop

Okay, so you know how it is on those long road trips with the kidlets.  The youngest has to go to the bathroom--again.  The oldest has her ear buds in and doesn't want anyone to bug her.  The middle child is squished--in the middle seat of course--and he's hungry so he's decided the best way to ignore that is to elbow his older sister or pull the younger sister's hair.  (*Anyone else had this?!?).  It's time for a pit stop.  I found the BEST ROAD TRIP PIT STOP  EVEERRR!  It's Cove Fort, Utah!  It's like a little oasis in the middle of this dry looking part of Utah (between Zion's National Park and Provo, Utah).  It's the best place to stop for a bit when the family is feeling too close for comfort and you can feel your migraine coming on.  Here's why the Cove Fort Historic Site is awesome:

1. The Cove Fort bathrooms are a dream! Clean and nice like no place around.  Nice, cold drinking fountains too.  This is very important.  Forget the gas station and stop here.

2.  The picnic area is calm and peaceful.  There are shady trees for summer or nice sunny spots for chilly days.  Cove Fort is just far enough away from the highway that you can take a little nap in the quiet, or let the kids run around on the grass.

3.  You can explore Cove Fort.  It's an actual old fort from the 1800's and you can see what it was like to live back then.  They have tons of rooms full of period furniture, tools, clothes, etc.  It's all historically decorated.  So your kids can learn history in a fun way. Talk about great parenting bonus points . . . .

4. The hosts are super nice and they even leave you with a free souvenir.  The hosts are tour guides that teach you all about who lived in Cove Fort and all of it's history.  You can ask for the short or the long tour, depending on your time.

5.  IT"S FREE.  And it's just cool.  What is better than finding a neat piece of history during a much-needed break from the car?

Here's some pictures of our fun little stop there after visiting Zion's National Park:

The super peaceful picnic area!

 Each room is historically decorated.

 Like stepping back into time . . . 

This is the telegraph machine.  The kidlets loved this.

I loved all the details in each room.  Including these Pony Express mailbags.  It looked like the inhabitants had just stepped out of the room for awhile.

Cool  free toy for the kids to play with for the rest of the road trip!

So I hope you've enjoyed this little review of Cove Fort. If you are headed out for Spring Break in Utah, give Cove Fort a try.

Here's the basic information for Cove Fort Historic Site:

Free Tours
Open Daily
From I-70 it's one mile north of Exit 1
From I-15 it's two miles south of Exit 135
Between Beaver, UT and Fillmore, UT
Phone: 435-438-5547

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  1. I wish I was in Utah - you can see grass on the ground! And it's green! (Not so much here in New England.)

    Looks like a great place for a fun family day.

    1. I know! Don't you love all that green beauty? It's a nice oasis!

  2. We passed the Cove Fort exit so many times through many years without going to explore, so last year, I planned a stop there. Unfortunately, it was a very windy day and it was fall so not all of the things were open, but we enjoyed our little visit. We'll have to go back again now that it is getting warmer.

    1. Oh bummer. Yes, they told me it's always open, but I suppose really bad weather would make it hard to see everything. Hope you get to go back!


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