Thursday, March 12, 2015

DIY Upcycled Wall Art

Hey friends!  Just thought I'd share a quick project I've been working on.  I upcycled some wall art that My Sis did not want anymore.  It had a deeper, dark, gothic feel and just didn't go with my home and all my white walls.  So I turned it into something fresher and lighter. AND THE BEST PART? . . . it took me less than 30 minutes!!

 I get really bored of what's on my walls, so I gotta switch it up a lot and I HATE spending a lot of money for something I know I'll be sick of in a year or so. Plus, I got a lot of white wall space and it can be a fortune just trying to fill it up.  So I upcycled.

 I wish I had a better before pic, but these metal-looking babies were framed and glued onto a blue background.  Pretty, but too dark and gothic for me.  They were like those pictures you can buy at Kirkland's.  They were probably about 3-4 years old and My Sis didn't want them anymore.

 I kinda have a light European, Paris-like look in my bedroom, so I wanted them to look more like stone instead.  So I used simple acrylic paint to solve the problem.

 I used white and a very dark brownish-black color.  And I just mixed it like you see in the pic.  I left streaks of both colors so it would look like stone.

 Ta-da!  This took me 10 minutes max.  Don't get to serious about making it look perfect because you want it to look natural.

Then I tore out the back of each frame that these came in.  Then using 
Command Large Picture-Hanging Strips, White, 4-Strip I stuck them on the wall.  So when I get bored of these in a few years I won't have marks or nail holes all over the wall.

Very easy project to fill up some wall space (and it didn't cost me a dime).

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