Friday, March 6, 2015

My Accident and Miracle

My Accident and Miracle


March 6th is a weird day for me . . . at least it has been since 2007.  It was the beginning of a process for me.  A process of change, renewal, and recovery.  Eight years ago I was hit by an intoxicated driver while I was walking on the sidewalk with my little 3 year old Little Son.  We happened to be walking on a sidewalk that is on a bridge which crosses over a large cement ditch.  The force of the van hitting my back threw me over the edge of that bridge and down into the ditch below.  I fell about 9 feet. I was 6 months pregnant at the time.

My heart beats just a little faster as I type this.  I still hold some fears, but I also have overcome many.  It was a day of miracles for me, but it also changed my perception of things.  I believe we all have something big happen to us (good or bad), at one point or another that changes us forever.  A turning point, so to speak.  I also firmly believe that we all have little things that happen to us everyday that also change us forever.  The hard part is recognizing those little things.  And the hardest part is making sure we are changing for the better.

I've tucked a lot of the memories of my March 6th experience away in the corner of my brain, just because so much of it was so overwhelming at the time.  But I've had almost 8 years now to soak it all in.  Eight years to reflect.  And now I want to remember.  I want to record the details of this accident--the miracles, the pain, the worries, and the wonderment--here in the next few posts on my blog.  I do this because I don't want to forget when I am 85 who helped me and how this experience changed me forever.

Below is a full account of my accident and miracle that happened after I was hit by an intoxicated driver in 2007.  A condensed version of my story was featured on the blog Newlyweds on a Budget as part of her campaign of Bloggers Against Drunk Driving (BADD).  It's a true story.  It's my testimony of faith and a journey of what I learned along the way.  I hope by sharing this story, you also will be able to remember your own faith and the miracles that happen to you everyday.  And that you too will know in your heart that each day of our lives is precious . . . that God does exist and we are part of something bigger than ourselves.  May each of you be inspired in some small way to make your life meaningful.

Thanks for listening.

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  1. It kinda makes me upset whenever I hear news about drunk driving. I think that they should be responsible enough to handle the wheel. Being a driver entails responsibility; not only to yourself, but to the people around you.

    Amy Baron

    1. I agree. I wish it was better understood. I also worry about texting and driving accidents. So easy to hurt someone unintentionally. I appreciate your comment.

  2. It must have been tough to write the incident in details. What happened to you was very traumatic. But I find it brave for you to share this to us – readers. Usually, those who have been caught or got involved in drunk driving more than once get their license suspended for life. And they are never allowed to drive, even in short distances, ever again. Did you ever file a complaint or sue the person who did this to you?

    Law Offices of Adams and Corzine

  3. You are amazing! Such a miracle. We are so glad you are all here and that you are our neighbors, and friends.

    1. Thank you Nicole. Y'all are the best neighbors and have made our new home so welcoming. Thanks for reading.


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