Thursday, April 23, 2015

How to be imperfect (and love it!)

I'm an expert at not being perfect. I've tried to be perfect in different areas of my life, and I always fail. Duh. Why, why, why do we expect perfection and then feel like losers when we fail at this unattainable trait?  Now this doesn't mean we shouldn't work hard, or try our best.  But we must accept our mistakes and learn from them.  I don't know what makes us wish for a flawless and impeccable version of ourselves, but I do know how to NOT be perfect and love it! I'm slowly learning to see the positive side of imperfection. And I want you to enjoy it too.  It's time to find joy in your imperfections:

How to be imperfect (and love it!)

1.  Forget to remind your kids about their homework-- *Oops.  

Your kids get a lesson in responsibility and self-reliance.  They may actually learn for themselves.

2.  Burn a nice dinner-- *Yuck.  

You learn to appreciate the work of well-made meal as well as the simplicity of Ramen.

3.  Create a flaw in your handmade craft or project-- *Ugh.

You get a chance to laugh and decide you may be the first person to ever create it that way.

4.  Leave dishes in the sink overnight--*Gasp!  

You play with your family instead and realize some moments you will never get back.

5.  Look in the mirror at see your physical flaws-- *Sigh.  

You look a little longer and discover the uniqueness that is you-inside and out.  You understand real beauty.

6.  Be snarky and rude to friends or family-- *Who me?

You remember the peace of saying sorry and forgiving.  And trying again.

7.  Be judgmental and gossip about the flaws of another--*Um yeah, about that . . . 

You recognize your own mistakes and flaws.  You're glad you are not alone and you become patient with other's imperfections.  You remember we are all trying to work some things out.

The imperfect things we do are actually the things that help us become better.  Keep trying and searching for the positive.  May we keep learning from our mistakes.  And may we all find peace in our imperfections.

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