Friday, May 1, 2015

DIY Gifts with Sharpie Art

I jumped on the Sharpie craft bandwagon this year and created some DIY gifts for our school teachers using Sharpie art and a soap dish!   It's just like those Sharpie mugs or dishes you've seen out there, but more useful for a teacher.  The soap dish can hold office supplies and doodads on your teacher's desk (think paperclips, coins, and rubber bands, etc).  This is a great kids craft gift that they can personalize and be creative with.  It's also a good DIY gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day or grandparents.  Perfect craft for Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Activity Day girls, and even grown-ups!

I found these soap dishes on sale for less than $2 at Tai Pan Trading.  They are great for holding any little objects but you could also make it a soap dish gift for mom or your teacher and have it hold actual soap.  The permanent Sharpie markers hold up well in water.

Here's what I used:

Sharpie Permanent Markers (assorted colors)
White Soap Ceramic Dish
Letter Stickers (you could use vinyl too)

1. Place the letter sticker on the soap dish.  Press firmly, but not too hard.  You want the sticker to come off easily when you are done.  We did the beginning letter of our teachers' last names.

2.  Start making random dots around the letter.  USE LIGHTER COLORS FIRST otherwise they smear with the darker colors.

3. Create the design you want carefully filling in all the area around the letter so that you can see it well when you are done.

4. Take the sticker off and see your personalized gift!  So many designs are possible. 

 If you trust your kids with permanent markers, then this is the perfect DIY gift idea for them (if you don't, then stay nearby and help them! . . . or you may have one of your children decorate your mother-in-law's bathroom cupboards with dark blue Sharpies while you are one the phone--just sayin' (it's happened to me!).

Make sure and sign the back!

 And that is all.  I can see why Sharpie art is a thing right now.  SO EASY!!  Give it a try.

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