Monday, June 15, 2015

4th of July Pallet Porch Decor Craft

Ok guys, I am finally joining the DIY pallet project bandwagon.  I'm behind, I know.  We've seen everything there is to do with a pallet already.  But I can't help it because I finally received a pallet with a random delivery and so I had to try something!  So when we look back in many years and say, "Remember how people used to reuse pallets for weird things?" I'll be able to say I did it once.  I created a 4th of July decor pallet for my porch that is kinda like those pallet flags.  It's an easy pallet craft (I can see why pallet ideas are a thing) and took less than 30 minutes to make.

I used spray paint to coat the pallet with stripes.  Cover one section at a time and spray!  
Super duper easy.

When the spray paint is dry, stamp on some stars!!  I made a star stamp out of a sponge I had at home.  I drew the star on, then cut it out.  I used regular blue acrylic paint on the sponge and stamped it on in random places.

And then you are basically done!  Use it as a backdrop to some of you Independence Day decorations.  Great for patriotic decor on porches, patios, and gardens.

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  1. I am looking for new patriotic and Americana type crafts. I think I may try this with a message stenciled on it. I stencil because I can't paint letters free handed. This is great, I likey!

    1. Stencil is s great idea. You could put USA too. Easy. Thanks for stopping by!


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