Wednesday, June 10, 2015

5 Ways to Tell Dad You Love Him (without actually saying it!)


Father's Day is coming and sometimes it's so hard to think of an awesome way to tell dad you love him.  Today I'm sharing 5 Ways to Tell Dad You Love Him (without actually having to say it!).  Also, I'm hoping My Man will not check out my blog anytime soon, since I want to show you what we are giving him for Father's Day.  We got a chance to try out Custom Soda Labels and create a special gift for dad.

5 Ways to Tell Dad You Love Him

1.  Play with him.  Find out what Dad likes to do for fun and ask to join in.  Whether it's a game of catch, a hike, or watching an action movie, show your love by enjoying something he cares about.

2.  Ask him for advice.  Dads are here to help and they are good at it!  Asking for advice shows you care about what he thinks and it gives him a sense of purpose too.

3.  Randomly thank him for his hard work.  It's not quite the same as saying "I love you" but it's just as important.  Make sure you tell him you appreciate all he does.  Surprise him with your gratitude by saying it at unexpected times. 

4.  Help him with his most-hated task.  Every Dad has a task or something on their to-do list that they hate doing, but they usually do it anyway.  Some examples: mow the lawn, get the oil changed, get that leak fixed, etc.

5.  Let him relax.  At the end of a hard day or a long week, Dad needs some time to chill and relax.  Let him have some time alone to do what he wants for awhile.  Have a good treat ready for him, full use of the remote, or his favorite book nearby.

We are planning on giving My Man this delicious grapefruit soda with customized label from Custom Soda Labels.   They are a wonderful company that lets you create your own soda pop labels and you can choose your own soda flavor as well.  We chose grapefruit, because it is My Man's favorite.  They have various colors and designs and they come in beautiful glass bottles.

The process of creating a label is very simple.  Custom Soda Labels has many pre-made templates to choose from, or you can create your own.  I chose one that I could add a picture of my 3 kidlets.  We wanted him to know that he was the "Best Pop Ever for our 3 little monkeys."  The labels are just like store-bought soda--the label adheres to the bottle completely and it's a nice thick label.

The template we used also had a little area to add a personal note.  So we wrote Daddy a cute little message on the side.

These personalized custom soda labels would be perfect for gifts, showers, weddings, small businesses, conferences, and parties.  Check out Custom Soda Labels soon!

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