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Discovering Boondocks Fun Center

*This post is a review of the Boondocks Fun Center in Kaysville, Utah.  Boondocks provided a chance for my family to visit their fun center and asked for my honest review of their facility.  All thoughts, opinions, and photographs are my very own.

Baby Girl had a birthday.  She's now 8.  Every other year I do a big birthday party with friends (last year we did a FROZEN PARTY, remember?).  But this is not birthday party year, and so it is family party time.  I love the off years because I get to enjoy my kids on their birthdays without worrying about planning a party.  We get to do whatever we want as a family.  This year we celebrated at Boondocks Fun Center in Kaysville, Utah.  Today I want to share with you my review of this family entertainment place.

Time to play with my kidlets!

Since we are new to our area, we haven't had a chance to visit Boondocks even though it is so close to us!  So this was a perfect way to continue our exploration of our own home area.

To start off, Baby Girl was given a birthday crown.  But the rides were too fun to keep it on very long.

The first activity we tried were the Go-Karts.  They have 3 kinds: Road Track (longer track), Slick Track (faster surface), and the Rookie Track (for little drivers!).  This is the Rookie Track.  I LOVED that Baby Girl got a chance to drive her own car.  Most places she is only a passenger.  She loved being a driver like the rest of us.

This is the Slick Track.  My personal fave was the Road Track.  Just so fun!

Our next favorite was the Bumper Boats.  We laughed and laughed on this ride.  You get to drive your own boat and squirt other riders with water!  Just like a good old summer water fight.  Good times.  I highly recommend this ride--but you will get wet!

They have 2 really awesome Miniature Golf courses.  Cool themes at both of them AND very beautifully landscaped.  This is not your average mini golf course.

Look how clean and manicured the course is!

Overall, I was VERY impressed with their grounds.  It was very beautiful, clean, and taken care of.  Even the bathrooms were very clean!  Not your average run-down fun center.  

Inside they have activities too (good for a break from the heat AND for bad-weather days).  This is the food area.  Very clean and quite large (this pic only shows a portion of the whole area).  Lots of birthday parties going on.

Here's a picture of their menu.  We did NOT try the food because we had already eaten at Baby Girl's favorite restaurant, but it looks good.  Not just fries and pizza.  You can even get salads and wraps at what seem to be fair prices.

We enjoyed the bowling alley.  It's got a fun atmosphere with glowing lights and music.

Kiddie Cove is a fun place for the littles to play.  Climbing, slides, ramps and more.  Burn that energy!

Baby Girl actually really liked the XD Theater.  It's a 4D motion ride movie that can seat several people at once.  They have more than one experience that you can try--we tried the Canyon Coaster and the Great Wall of China experience.  We had to watch Sweet Teen though (she gets woozy on these kind of motion rides, so beware).

Laser tag is a huge favorite in our family.  Little Son and Sweet Teen LOVE it (as do My Man and I).  They have a very clean and clear laser tag area.  Super fun with kidlets and we had to do it more than once.  Baby Girl did not love it though.  The vests are too heavy for her size.  That may bother some younger kids.  But we did play with many younger kids, families, and teenagers during our games.

They have Rollerball for the littles to do miniature bowling.

And we can't forget the Arcades.  This is always fun to do.  We played many games (I won BIG on the Deal or No Deal game).  Game prices ranged from .25 to $2.00.

The ticket redemption center is well-stocked with goodies.

So now let's talk pricing*.  At Boondocks you can buy for just the attraction OR you can get a package deal.  They have tons of package deals.  If you buy just 1 or 2 attractions it is way expensive and you don't get to do as much.

The best way to go is to buy an All Day Unlimited Pass.  This is ranges from $20.95 to $26.95.  You can do anything indoors or outdoors and it comes with $5 of game play for the arcade.  This is what we had.  We could go on rides as much as we wanted and try everything.

They also have an All Day Indoor Pass.  This is $16.95 and comes with $5 worth of game play in the arcade.  You can do any of the indoor activities all you want.

They have Birthday Party Packages ranging from $12.95 per person to $19.95 per person depending how many activities you want.  All parties come with pizza, bottomless soda, invites and party goods, $5 of game play for the arcade.

Boondocks is definitely not a dirt cheap family fun center, but I think they price is worth it to be able to take your family to a clean, safe, well-maintained environment.  Definitely a high-quality place as far as fun centers go.

*Please double check pricing with Boondocks directly.  For more information visit the Boondocks website.

We had a great time.  Thanks Boondocks for fun family day!

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