Thursday, June 18, 2015

Lime Rickey Floats

I can't help it!!!  We are having a Lime Rickey craze over here!  Not long ago I posted our new Lime Rickey Freeze treat.  And as if that wasn't enough, we now have a Lime Rickey Float to share with you.  What's the deal with all the Lime Rickey recipes, you ask?  I don't know.  It's hot.  It's summer.  We have kids.  We are bored.  We don't drink alcoholic drinks (cuz we're Mormons).  We just like 'em.  Any of those will work.

My kidlets LOVED the Lime Rickey Freezes, but now that this Lime Rickey Float is the new drink around our house, my kidlets are saying this one is the best.  So who knows?  You decide.

Here's how to make it.  It's as easy as pie.


1/2 cup Grape Juice (100% juice is best in our opinion!)
1/2 cup Lemon-lime soda
1-2 scoops of lime sherbet or sorbet
1-2 squirts of lime juice

Add all ingredients in order shown to a nice big glass.  And enjoy!  Best with a straw.  Makes 1 serving.

Uses the same ingredients as the Lime Rickey Freeze, EXCEPT swap out the ice cream for the lime sherbet.

Any lime sherbet will do.

It really does need a straw.   Sooooo heavenly on a hot day!

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