Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Patriotic Straw Craft

Today I'm sharing something totally unplanned.   It's all because I went to Target yesterday and saw these super duper cute patterned paper straws for $1.  I have no power when I see cute straws (and Cadbury Mini Eggs, but that 's another blog post).  So I saw these patriotic straws and started feeling crafty and I could feel a creative project coming on.  So I made a Patriotic Straw Craft Decoration since the 4th of July is coming up.  It's kind of like those crayon monograms I've been seeing on Pinterest.  It's super simple.  Super versatile.  You can do any holiday, any word, any color.  All you need is some cute paper straws and you got a craft!

Aren't these straws so CUTE!!  I found my paper straws at Target for only $1.  I've seen them many other places though.  


Paper Straws (about 2-3 straws per letter)
Printout of word you'll be using on card stock paper
Frame with glass removed

Step 1:  Print out your word (you could also do a monogram letter).  I printed out "USA {One Nation Under God}" in really big, light gray font.  Just takes a second on the computer.  
This will be your guide.

Step 2:  Measure the straws.  This is not an exact process.  Just line the straw up on your word and cut.  Basically, you can just eyeball it, or you can make a mark on it with a pencil and then cut.  (I just eyeballed it, cuz I'm lazy that way).

Just cut with a good pair of scissors.  It's okay if the straw smashes a little--it'll go back to its shape.

Step 3:  As you cut, keep the pieces lined up as you go.  This helps you know how many you need and just makes it easier to figure out the sizes.  Then glue each one on.  I used that stinky cancer glue pictured above.  It worked well and I was able to move the straws around a little after I had stuck them to the paper.  You can use whatever glue since it's paper to paper.

A very simple and satisfying craft.  It does not have to be perfect and it's fun to make.

Put your straw project in a frame and display.

Please Pin and Share it!!

Happy 4th of July! And Happy Crafting!

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