Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Easy Lalaloopsy Party Ideas

As promised, I am sharing the simple ideas we did for Baby Girl's Lalaloopsy themed birthday.  I hope these super easy Lalaloopsy party ideas will help you plan a fun, but relaxing birthday party for your Lalaloopsy lover.  

A Lalaloopsy party is easy because there are so many colors and whimsical ideas that go along with all the Lalaloopsy dolls.  I've seen some seriously grand Lalaloopsy party ideas, but I wanted to go the easy route.  Baby Girl looooves them and wanted her 8th birthday to be all about these cute dolls.  She has been collecting them for the past 2-3 years.  Anything girly, colorful, or sweet will work for this birthday party. 

The Lalaloopsy cake.  Baby Girl had big plans for her Lalaloopsy cake.  She gathered every little Lalaloopsy toys she had and then we simply put them on the cake.  This cake looks so fancy, but really it was super easy.

I used 2 cakes.  Both rectangle, but one smaller than the other.  This gave a nice step for the dolls to sit on.  I iced the cake with regular frosting.  Then we used some of Wilton's Edible Sugar Sheets (found at Walmart) to make some polka dots.  Then we added Dum Dum lollipops to look like balloons.  And just cake decorating flowers found in the birthday section at Walmart.  And the we just stuck the Lalaloopsy toys all over in the frosting.  Seriously--just stick those toys all over the cake!

Wilton's Edible Sugar Sheets

For table decor we just went with colorful things.  Plain, pastel plates and cups from Dollar Tree or Walmart would work great.  Cute cupcake liners filled with colorful candies.  More Dum Dum lollipops grouped together to look like balloons.  Candy necklaces at each place setting.  And we used the rest of the Edible Sugar Sheet dots and made them look like buttons.  You could also add spools of thread and ribbons on the table.

And don't forget the stripey paper straw.  As you know, I have a thing for these paper straws--like my recent paper straw craft idea.  They are so cute.

On the walls we used some of our extra paper plates to make buttons.  Using a marker, we colored little button holes and then stuck them on the wall.  And of course, add some balloons.  Easy.

Lalaloopsy Game/Activity Ideas

Button Button (Who's Got the Button?)
Simple Sewing Project -- learn to sew on a button or other simple project
Lacing cards
Make hair bows
Ribbon tying relay -- see how many ribbons you can tie on an object in 60 seconds
Picture frame decorated with buttons
Button bracelets
Guess How Many Buttons (in a jar)
Anything related to your child's favorite Lalaloopsy character doll (they all have personalities)

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