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Easy DIY Mama and Me Books

I've said it many times before that I am a sentimental fool when it comes to my kidlets and watching them grow.  Remember The Neverland Syndrome?  As much as I want to fly away to Neverland and let my children stay small and to have things never change, I wouldn't want them to miss out on what they can BECOME.  I want to find out who they are.  As they grow and develop their personalities, quirks, and gifts I want to be there for that.  One way I have found that helps me stay connected with my kids is making Mama and Me Books.  A Mama and Me book is a diary of letters that you send back and forth between you and your child.  I found this idea on Mama Jenn.  Today I'm sharing how I make my mama and me journals.


This is the Mama & Me diary I made for Baby Girl.  I've been using these for awhile with my other 2 kidlets. I have been amazed at how much I learn about them during the busiest times of life. They ask questions, tell me experiences they forgot during the day, or just say I love you. They leave it on my pillow and I answer them back. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in a day to reach each child, so this gives us another chance to connect.  Of course you can just buy a journal and use that.  Really any notebook would do too.  I like to use the easy hardcover composition notebooks (that are often under a dollar at back to school time--I got mine for .50 cents!).  They are sturdy and easy to cover to match the personality of my child.  I want it to feel a little more special that just a plain, old notebook.  Here's how easy this mama and child journal is to make:

How to make a Mama and Me Diary

You will need:

1 composition notebook (with a hard cover--I got mine at Walmart)

4 pieces of 8.5 x 11 scrapbook paper (1 sheet per side--front, back, inside front, inside back)



glue stick

Optional: printable title from Mama Jenn

*And if you want, check out my video tutorial of this project {HERE} 

It's my first video ever.  Hoping to get better at it!

1.  Place a sheet of scrapbook paper on the front cover up the the edge of the binding.  If needed tack with a drop of glue to hold in place while you do step 2.

2.  Trace the front cover by holding the paper in place and flipping it over.  Trace the edge of the whole cover on the back of the paper.

3. Cut out your tracing.

4.  Repeat for the back cover also.

5.  Using glue stick, coat the front and back notebook with a generous amount of glue.

6.  Stick the scrapbook paper in place and let dry.

7.  If you want, do the same thing for the inside covers as well.

8.  Add the printable title using glue.

9.  Embellish and decorate the cover as much as you want.  I used ribbon.

These are an awesome way to stay connected with any child.  It's worked with all my kids, including my son.  It's perfect for ages 8 and up.

So now go connect with your children and make it a meaningful day!

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