Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mount Rainier and Silver Springs Campground

Friends, my eyes were opened to the beauty of Mount Rainier and the northwest part of Washington this summer.  Have you been there?  Oh my heavens.  I was in love with the beauty and the green.  We camped at Silver Springs Campground near Mount Rainier National Park and had a beautiful experience there.  I took a bunch of photos to share with y'all.  If you are ever in the area, you must stop and see it!

Mount Rainier at sunset.  It's covered in a little cloud action there, but still so gorgeous.

This is the view from our campsite behind our tent. I thought it seemed like a fantasy forest with all the lush green plants and ethereal sunlight.  My girls called it a fairy forest.

So GREEN.  It does look like a fairy forest, doesn't it?

Our campsite.  This was a very quiet campground.  You could hear the rushing sound of Silver Springs that is nearby--we didn't even have a campsite on the side by the river, but you can still hear it.  They have some flushing toilets and sinks and some vault toilets.  Both worlds there.  No showers.  Running water.  Picnic tables.  Fires were okay while we were there.

This is in Mt. Rainier National Park on the trail to see the Grove of the Patriarchs.  
Green, green, green.

Bridge that crosses over into the Grove of Patriarchs.  Cool pic, eh?

One thing I noticed about the water in this national park was that it was so clear!  Look how clean and pure it looks!

Trees that are 1000 years old is what you will see in the Grove of the Patriarchs.  Tall and wide, they are truly breathtaking.  

We had to stop for some pebble-throwing in that super clear water.  Nice easy hike for kids.

I'm telling you, it's green everywhere . . .  this is on the trail to Silver Creek Falls.

Silver Creek Falls was a easy hike for our kidlets and very satisfying because it's in the trees (shady!) and full of views of rushing water and waterfalls.

This gorgeousness was right along the banks of Silver Creek Falls.  Emerald colors all around.

Again, look at the clear water!

If you are ever in Washington state, take a little detour or day trip to Mount Rainier National Park.  True evidence of God's beautiful creations and just some good 'ol fresh air.  You'll become a tree-hugger, I promise!

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