Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bloggers Without Borders Giveaway and Awareness

I’m very excited to be joining some of my blogger friends, to join our collective influence to make positive changes in the world. Some awesome bloggers are helping me raise $150,000 to build a school in Zambia to educate and feed AIDS orphans who are at risk, underfed, and unable to receive an education without our help.

We want to raise awareness about these kids in Zambia, many of whom don’t get a single hot meal in a day. Lots of our friends in the blogging world are joining me in this crusade.

You can help  just by following their 30 day journey! Sign up to follow, HERE, and starting Sept. 15, EVERY DAY, we’ll be giving away a prize worth $200 to $5,000 from our sponsors.  You'll follow the journey of Green Smoothie Girl and Roxberry Smoothie CEO drink only green smoothies for 30 days to raise awareness.

Everyone who comments on their blog is in the daily drawing! SHARE it, and you’re in the drawing again.

 When you sign up to follow, not only does everyone commenting on the blog that day have a chance to win that day’s prize, but also……

*We donate $1 for YOU, to the humanitarian effort, up to $10,000.
*You’re immediately sent an eBook with the 30 Superfood Green Smoothies our friends will subsist on, and every day’s video blog will share a SUPERFOOD tip to put your green smoothie habit through the roof!
*You’ll hear from us when we kick off Sept. 15, to remind you to COMMENT on each day’s blog to be in the drawing for huge prizes! 

 Sign up HERE and you’ll get a notice when the VIDEO BLOGS start on Sept. 15, showing what happens when my friends (Green Smoothie Girl and Roxberry Man) eat nothing but green smoothies for 30 days.

 Prizes from our sponsors include……

 *An Intellibed, any size you choose---King size is worth $5,000, shipped to you free!

 *A $750 Blendtec Designer package, for the most amazing green smoothies you’ve ever made!

 *A $4,800 Health Mate Infrared Sauna for 2, so great for detoxing, shipped to you free!

 *A $2,600 Life Ionizer under-sink mounted water purifier that makes your water ALKALINE!

 *$500 in Thrive freeze-dried fruits and veggies for your emergency preparedness and pantry, from!

 *$200+ package from Dressing Your Truth’s Carol Tuttle, the queen of energy healing, helping you discover your own energy and style type, and “live your truth!”

 *200+ package from ConferenceForMoms, helping you stay sane and supported as a mom!

 *$200+ package from, with life hacks to “do it yourself” on the cheap, and live green---with essential oils and Jill’s books!

 *$200+ package if menu plans and portion plates from to help you raise kids who eat right!

 *200+ package of chocolate deliciousness from, low calorie, calming, superfoods!

 *$200+ package from, helping you eat whole, organic foods!

  Doing good is what makes life meaningful and I hope you’ll join us by following the effort HERE. We’ll remind you to comment daily, to win big prizes, at kickoff. Thanks for helping me raise these funds!

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