Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Celebrating the Family

One thing I truly believe in is family.  When I ask people what things make their lives most meaningful, almost always the first answer is FAMILY.  Children, spouse, parents, grandparents, siblings.  Who else shares the same traits, quirks, and love?  Family can make us crazy at times, but in the end it's family that keeps us going and gives us purpose, joy, and meaning.  Families should be celebrated!  They should be cherished.  They should be our main focus.  Today I am celebrating the importance of families over at Cranial Hiccups.  I'm sharing one my Family Home Evening (FHE) lessons that I came up with years ago using Jenga blocks to teach my kids the importance of having a strong foundation of faith and virtue in order to have a strong family and a happy life.  Please visit, teach your kids, and celebrate families with us!!! 

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