Friday, October 23, 2015

10 Last Minute Halloween Treats and Ideas

Alright, I gotta confess something.  I sorta hate Halloween.  (Yikes, don't hate me for this!).  I mean, it's fun for about 2 weeks, but then I'm sick of it.  The stores and my kids all get excited for it early in September so by the time October thirty-one comes around, I'm super tired of ghosts, zombies, and jack-o-lanterns.  I'm not even gonna go into my lack of creativity for Halloween costumes (*eyeroll).  But I gotta put on a good face and muster up some energy to create a fun Halloween day for my kidlets.  So here's my lazy, I'm-sick-of-spooky, last-minute Halloween round up of ideas for you.

Hopefully, these last minute Halloween ideas and treats will make your Halloween celebration simple and fun (and lazy . . . hee hee).

1.  I love this Oreo Eyeball Cake from Little Miss Mom.  Frost the cake and then stick on those eyeballs and M & M's and you are good to go!

2.   How about a Monster Trail Mix Bar  like this from A Girl and Her Glue Gun?  Put together a few candies and treats, name them using her printables and you are done!

3.   These Magical Color Changing Drinks are a favorite at our house.  We do this often to surprise our kids on holidays.  Put some food coloring at the bottom of the glass under the ice while the kids are not looking.  Then in front of them, pour a clear drink and see how it changes colors right before their eyes!

4.   I've made this Perfect Fall Cheeseball from Family Fresh Meals.  It's got a yummy southwest zest to it and it's covered in Doritos, so how can you go wrong?  Super easy to make!

5.   Surprise your kidlets on Halloween night with a simple Glow-in-the-Dark Party!  Have dinner in the dark.  All you have to do is set up some glow sticks and fun glowing items and HAVE FUN!

6.   This on takes just a few minutes to throw together.  Marshmallows in a zip baggie and call them Ghost Boogers.  Click on the link for my FREE printable labels and other goodies!

7.   This one is a no-brainer.  Toss your favorite Halloween munchies in a bowl and you've got Autumn Harvest Trail Mix.  Perfect for movies, parties, and just plain snacking!

8.   Ok, this is not totally last-minute because you gotta freeze the water inside the latex gloves, but you could easily do this morning of or the night before! Call it Ghost Punch and kids will love you.

9.   This is what I call HEAVEN IN A BOWL! I learned to make this 3 Ingredient Toffee Apple Dip in Arkansas so it's a true comfort food.  It'll be a hit, I promise!  And it's so quick to make!

10.   Lastly, make some vanilla pudding, add green food coloring, and call it Slime Pudding.  Easy.

I hope you have a fabulous Halloween, whether you love this holiday or not!

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  1. Loved all these ideas Lisa! I share your dislike for Halloween. I love all the other holidays but there's just something about ghosts and goblins, begging for candy, and sugared up kids that rubs be the wrong way. As far as costumes go, I stink. Luckily my kids are really creative and come up with there own costumes every year and I'm totally chill with that! 😎

    1. Haha! Yes, I lovevit when my kids come up with their own ideas!

  2. These are such cute ideas! I've pinned this for next year!


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