Monday, October 12, 2015

Paper Plate Pumpkin Mask Craft

Hey, I know you need a quick Halloween craft, right?  I love making crafts for kids that are simple and use stuff you mostly likely already have at home.  I've been seeing those wooden masks with eye holes at the craft stores and I came up with a Paper Plate Pumpkin Mask for you and your little one to make together this Halloween.  This is the perfect craft to use up any adhesive vinyl scraps or contact paper.

Young kids will like making this jack 'o lantern mask with any face they like.  

Materials Needed

1 sheet of adhesive craft vinyl (this is a great time to use vinyl scraps!)  Contact paper works too
1 straw or stick
1 popsicle stick
milk jug lid, or other shapes for eyes
scissors or razor
marker or pencil

1.  Trace the eyes using the milk jug lid or other shaped item.  Place them about 1 inch apart.

2.  Carefully cut out the eyes using scissors or a razor (adults only for this part).  I used a razor.

3.  On the back of the adhesive craft vinyl, have your child draw a nose and a mouth for the jack o' lantern mask.  Let them be creative and draw what they want.  The imperfection of this craft is what makes it adorable!

4.  Cut out mouth and nose shape with scissors.  Let your child do it, if they can.

5.  Pull adhesive backing off and let child place it on the paper plate.  Let them arrange it any way they want.  The great thing about the vinyl is that it can be easily removed and replaced multiple times.  Kids can switch face pieces if they want.

6.  Turn the plate over and if desired tape half of the popsicle stick for a stem (you can color it with green marker first) at the top of the mask.  Tape a the straw on the bottom half of the mask to make easy holding for little hands.

And you're jack o' lantern craft mask is done!

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  1. This is too cute. Initially I thought it was a frisbee but that would be too hard (can you tell I don't do crafts? lol) But great easy idea for the kids

  2. So silly and fun! This would be a great kid's craft for our Halloween party. Thanks!

    1. Yes. Perfect for preschoolers or young elementary age kids

  3. This is so adorable!! I'm totally sharing - so many people w. little ones would love this simple craft idea!

  4. So cute! And I love the use of the black vinyl

    1. Yes! Sometimes I just wanna use all the left over scraps!


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