Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Family Christmas Car Ride Lunch Idea

Merry Christmas!  I thought I'd quickly share a fun idea I came up with at the last minute.  I ended up turning a boring ride through traffic, into a fun Christmas memory by making Christmas box lunches for my kidlets as we drove to a concert.  This family Christmas car ride lunch is not a big deal, but I thought I'd share.

Last week we had tickets to go to a Christmas concert as a family called Savior of the World.  But My Man had to work up until the last minute.  We try to go to one big Christmas play, concert, or show with our kidlets every year.  We try to make it special and make a whole day of it, seeing lights and having a special dinner.  But again, My Man had to work later than normal this time and so we had to rush to our family event.  I wanted to still make it seem special though.  So I came up with an idea to make Christmas box lunches to eat while we drove.  I'd heard of people doing Christmas car rides as a family to go see lights and packing treats with them as they rode along . . . so that is kinda where this idea came from.

I ran to the store and got some yummy Christmas foods.  I tried to think of things they love and don't normally get to have all the time--orange juice boxes, Christmas Goldfish crackers, Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark, just to name a few.  I wanted to pack the lunches in something different, but festive.  I found simple Christmas boxes in a multi-pack for cheap at Walmart.  I also threw in a cute little ornament for each kid as a memento that they could hang on the Christmas tree later.

I pack up the lunches while the kids were at school and when they came home to get ready for our night out, I talked up the special lunches and how that was going to be our dinner in the car.  They were not allowed to peek inside.  It was to be a surprise.  They got excited about it--sometimes the idea of a special surprise just makes a kid happy.  We ended up really enjoying our ride down to the concert--eating lunches, listening to Christmas music, and looking at all the lights around town.

What is a something you have done to make a regular event more special?

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P.S.  You may have noticed the new watermark on some of my photographs . . . more info about that coming soon!

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