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15 Family Valentine Dinner Ideas

As you know, every year we do a Family Valentine Mystery Dinner with our kidlets.  Super fun tradition that our kids look forward to every year.  But in order to keep it full of surprises and mystery for our kids, I try to switch it up a little each year--otherwise, they think they know everything.  I'll add in something new--like different menu items and ways the food is served, new activities, themes, or just silliness.  Sometimes we just surprise them with a fancy dinner at home--without telling them when it will be or anything.  So I have my kids guessing about this year's dinner already . . . . Needless to say, I've been on the lookout for new Valentine dinner ideas for our family.  I've found some great ones, so here's a collection of 15 of the best family Valentine dinner ideas around!

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Guys, you are gonna love these easy Valentine treats and activities!  

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Fancy Candlelight Dinner

How about dinner in the dark with only candles for light like this idea from Emmy Mom?  Candles set such a great ambiance and your kids will love it!  
You could dress in fancy clothes and even use your best manners.

I just recently found this fun Secret Cupid activity from Bombshell Bling.  Her idea comes with free printables too.  We do something similar with Mystery Valentine Mailboxes.  
Fun way to get your kids thinking of others.

Easy Love Game

This simple Love Game is all about helping your kids see the good in others.  They think of something that they love about the other players.  
A big hit with preschoolers and elementary-age kids!  Free printable game too!

14 Days Of Valentines

Simply Kierste has a great activity of 14 Days of Valentines on her blog.  You give these little treats out leading up to your big dinner or just as a treat the day of.  
Comes with printables!

You could easily play some fun Valentine Minute-to-Win-It games at the dinner table like they did over at Workman Family blog.  
She has tons of food and decor ideas too!

Blindfold Dinner

We did a hilarious blindfold dinner with our kidlets for our Valentine dinner a few years ago. 
 Fun way to switch it up and teach a little gratitude at the same time!


Heart-Shaped Meatloaf

We always see ideas for heart-shaped pizza, but what about other foods?  Try heart-shaped meatloaf like Toni Spilsbury does.  
She has a turkey spinach meatloaf that is heart healthy too.

Heart-Shaped Healthy Foods

Love this heart-shaped fruit platter from Little Wonders Days.  You could use cookie cutters to cut shapes into cucumbers, toast, pancakes, and little sandwiches.  
You'll find a bunch of ideas on Homemaker Chic too.  Oh, the possibilities!

How about a dinner themed with pink and red foods like this one from She Knows?  Here's a bunch of red and pink foods that I came up with:

Red Foods

Cherry 7 Up
marinara sauce
red bell pepper
red grapes
red jalapenos and hot peppers
red velvet cake
Special K Red Berries

Pink Foods

berry yogurt
cotton candy
dragon fruit
frosted animal cookies (the pink and white with sprinkles!)
frosted treats of any kind (in pink!)
Grapefruit (ruby red)
pink lemonade
red potatoes
strawberry milk
strawberry ice cream
sugar popcorn
wafer cookies

These Cupid Floats from Somewhat Simple look so easy and they are super festive.  
You could mix and match a lot of different fun flavors together.

THIS.  This is our favorite dessert anytime of the year!  Fresh Berry Trifle can be turned into Valentine Trifle with just a few quick changes and it's so easy to make.  
Give it a try!

Lemon-Raspberry Cheesecake

If you are looking to go fancy or super special, Amy's Lemon-Raspberry Cheesecake is the way to go!  This cheesecake recipe tutorial will teach you how to make a perfect cheesecake that is 
BETTER than Cheesecake Factory! (Seriously!)


Mystery Dinner Menu

This is the free printable dinner menu that we have used many times from Gourmet Mom on-the-go.  She has a suggested meal plan with it and it makes it so fun to get the courses all mixed up!

I have also used these darling menu printables that I created.  I love the versatility of this cute Valentine dinner menu.  You can plan any kind of menu with this printable and it includes a free menu guide so you don't get mixed up while you are serving the food! 

Got ideas of your own?  This printable blank menu from One Good Thing By Jillee is cute!  She also includes a fun love book and some other fun printables for your dinner.

All the printable pieces that you need to play this UBER-EASY love game with your kidlets!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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