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Roll-A-Sundae Ice Cream Party Game

Well, y'all, it's my birthday.  And in honor of my birthday I decided we needed a post about ice cream.  Specifically, ice cream sundaes and a fun game that goes along with it.  It's the Roll-A-Sundae Game.  This Roll-A-Sundae game could be played at all kinds of parties or gatherings.  I'm thinking Valentine's school parties, family game night, slumber parties, youth activities, cub scouts, church parties . . . you get the point.  Any fun gathering will do!  All you need is ice cream sundae fixins and some dice (and my handy FREE PRINTABLE BELOW).  Here's how you play the Ice Cream Sundae Party Game:

(w/out the crazy watermark!)
And there is a blank one too for you to fill in your own toppings

How to play Roll-A-Sundae Party Game:

1. Gather your ice cream sundae fixins!  You'll need at least six toppings--one for each number on the die.  The ice cream does not count as a number on the die.  Set out the toppings in bowls and easily accessible containers.

Here's some ideas:

caramel topping
chocolate sauce
strawberry sauce
whip cream
candy pieces
cookies (crushed or whole)
marshmallow cream

2.  You'll need a die.  Each number represents a topping.  Assign each topping a number (or use my free printable--coming soon!)

3.  If you have a large group, or just for the heck of it, you may want to make GIANT DICE!  Here's my easy tutorial of how to make giant dice.  Perfect for parties and a backyard bash!  

If you make your own die, like the one above, you could write the names of each topping on it . . . instead of assigning them a number.  Just an idea.

4.  Now for the gameplay RULES:  Everyone gets a bowl of ice cream to start.  Totally plain ice cream with no toppings.  Each person takes a turn rolling the dice.  They roll it for the whole group.  Whatever number they get is what the whole group gets to put on their sundae.  So if Player A rolls a 6 (and a 6 is for strawberry sauce) then every person gets strawberry sauce.  Game continues until everyone has had a turn to roll.  When everyone has had a turn, let players finish their sundae by adding an extras they may have missed during the game.

*The fun part of this game is not knowing what you will get on your sundae.  You could get 4 cherries in a row.  Depending on your group, you may consider NOT telling them that they can add more things after the game and see how they react to each topping (thinking that is all they will get!).  

*Variations:  You can have players play in teams or partners.  The first team to get ALL the toppings on their sundaes wins!  You could have yucky items to put on the sundaes as well (for example jalapenos).  If you do the yucky items, I suggest have a team make one sundae, so as not to waste your ice cream.  Then let everyone make their own ice cream sundae afterwards.  

5.  Last of all, savor your sundae and EAT!

Now you have a new idea for your next family night or party!

What are some of your favorite family party games?

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