Tuesday, February 2, 2016

4 Easy Ways to Spice Up Boring Brownies

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I'm not gonna lie--I love a good brownie.  They may just be my favorite dessert.  And I'm not gonna lie again--I love brownies from a box just as much as made-from-scratch brownies.  Sorry, folks, but it's true.  So today I bring you 4 Easy Ways to Spice Up Boring Brownies!  THESE ARE NOT BORING BROWNIES.  These four ideas will add some pizzazz to your regular brownies with just a few easy extras.  Use a mix or make them from scratch.  I don't care.  Just enjoy a brownie for me!

What You Need

First of all, you need this FREE BROWNIE MIX and SPATULA.  Yes, I said FREE.  Go ahead click it and see that you get a nice little gift from The Prepared Pantry just for the fun of it!

Use the mix or your favorite recipe to make any of these brownies.  Brownies make great desserts for a busy day.  Keep a couple mixes on hand like these from The Prepared Pantry and you’re ready to go:

Weekly Special from The

Now for the four brownie recipes that will add some delight to your boring brownie dessert: 

Banana Split Brownies

These banana split brownies (that tasty pic at the top there) are topped with ice cream or whipped cream and bananas and then drizzled in a fudge sauce.  They are very easy to make and chocolate and bananas and more chocolate is a great combination.

Cheesecake brownie

Cheesecake Brownies

These are made with swirls of cheesecake filling.  The swirls are made by filling the pan with brownie batter and then swirling the cheesecake batter through the brownie batter with a spatula.   See the recipe.

turtle brownie

Turtle Brownies

These brownies are topped with a really good fudge frosting, pecans are scattered across them, and then drizzled with caramel frosting.

 Chubby Cherry Brownies

Chubby Cherry is a gourmet cherry topping that The Prepared Pantry sells.  Top the brownies with the cherry topping, loaded it with whipped cream, and drizzled it with a fudge sauce.
Try baking the brownies in a 9-inch springform pan so that you cut the slices into neat pie shapes.  It makes desserts that are very acceptable for a dinner party.
Peel the ring off and cut the brownies right on the glass base.  Uncle Bob’s mix fits perfectly.

cherry browniespringform pan

Is this Candy Apple Red Silicone Springform Pan such a cool idea?  No digging the brownies out of a pan!

What is your favorite way to liven up your brownies?

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