Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Free Printable Easter Cards

Remember how I told you I'd be sharing some awesome Easter printables this month as part of the #Hallelujah Easter campaign?  A few days ago I shared Paging Supermom's beautiful printable Easter table decor and He Lives banner.  Today I have some adorable Easter printables for you from Persnickety Prints.  They have created these cute Easter cards.  These printable Easter cards can be used for gift tags, games, decor, journaling, scrapbooking, teaching kids or whatever you desire.  There are a cute reminder of the goodness of Easter and the real reason we celebrate.  Your kids will LOVE these--heck, I LOVE these!

You can use these as prompts to get kids thinking about the true meaning of Easter, or just to save their memories.  You could print doubles and make a memory game.  They would make fun gift tags or thank you cards too.

If you get a chance to use these Easter cards, PLEASE show me your ideas!  Use the hashtag #Hallelujah.  I can't wait to see!  Click the links below to download your cards:

Easter Cards Set 1
Easter Cards Set 2
Easter Cards Set 3

My Instagram (makinglifeblissful), Facebook (Making Life Blissful), or Twitter (@mklifeblissful).  Remember to tag me so I can see what you do with them!  Use the hashtag #Hallelujah and encourage others to celebrate our Savior this Easter too

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