Tuesday, March 1, 2016

He Lives Banner and Free Printable Easter Decor

Just yesterday I went and looked around my yard and found my tulips peaking through.  I was so excited that I posted a picture of that tiny piece of hope on Instagram and Facebook.  I LOVE spring and Easter.  For me, Easter is a peaceful holiday compared to the others.  It's not overdone (hopefully).  It's not loud and crazy.  Instead it's quiet, full of soft colors, baby animals, and fields of green.  It's about hope and peace.  It's about faith and renewal.  Today I am overjoyed to share some beautiful Easter printables for your dinner table as well as an elegant "He Lives" Easter banner.  As part of the #Hallelujah campaign,  Paging Supermom has created these printables for me to share with all of you.  Thank you Paging Supermom!

See here's my little baby tulip.  Spring is coming, my friends!  Hope is just around the corner!  I love that Easter is all about hope.  That we can hope to again see loved ones who have died.  We can make changes for the better and hope for good things to come.

These blissful printables are so happy and yet reverent too.  There are napkin rings, place cards, flags, tags, placemats, and just tons of cuteness.

This banner is a simple way to declare your love for the Savior and declare your reverence for this Easter holiday.

One of my favorite parts of these printables are these little scripture tags.  They are significant Easter scriptures from the Bible.  You can tie them to anything at your Easter dinner, or they would be great on an advent or for a use in a family (FHE) activity.

And don't forget this HALLELUJAH poster.  There is a 8 x 10 size and a larger size as well.  

Free #Hallelujah Easter Printables (CLICK BELOW):


If you use these printables PLEASE SHARE WITH ME!  Post to Instagram (makinglifeblissful), Facebook (Making Life Blissful), or Twitter (@mklifeblissful) and tag me so I can see what you do with them!  Use the hashtag #Hallelujah and encourage others to celebrate our Savior this Easter too!

Guys, this stuff is beautiful.  It's totally free, so enjoy it!  And Happy Easter!

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Keep on the lookout for more great free printables and Easter content coming your way.  I'll be sharing more BEAUTIFUL EASTER ideas from some wonderful bloggers in the next few weeks as part of the #Hallelujah campaign.

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