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Double Ditto: Quick Thinking Family Game

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Blissful friends I am over-the-moon excited to tell you about this new game called Double Ditto!  Summer is almost here, and let's face it, we want to have some FUN!  Whether you play games as a family, or with friends, or even just want the kids to be entertained while you sip some lemonade--THIS GAME IS FOR YOU.  It's easy.  It's engaging.  It's perfect for groups. And I am giving away a free Double Ditto game to one of readers courtesy of Christine, the Double Ditto creator!  Wahoo!  Let summer begin!

I had the opportunity to try Double Ditto with my family thanks to my friend Christine (of Mama Moon Boutique) who is the creator of this game. 

Double Ditto is really easy to play.  It says ages 10+ but my 8 year old was able to play it just fine--in fact, she loved it!  We love playing games as a family and this one was perfect for a lazy Sunday morning.  We played it before church and just relaxed as we played.  It's a very easy game, but it's an engaging game!  Players get to interact in a simple, positive way and it's game that can be played in the car, on the sofa, in a large group, or around the table after dinner.  It's quick to learn and fast-paced.  Great game for breaking the ice.

We loved it so much, we decided to play it again that same evening.  This time My Man joined in and we laughed and laughed at each other's answers and it totally lightened the mood in the house.  I LOOOVE THIS GAME!

You can read more reviews about Double Ditto on Amazon.

In the game players take turns being the Ditto Master by reading a card aloud to the group.  Everyone then has 15 seconds to write down 2 things that you think go with the subject on the card.  It can be anything that comes to your mind!  It doesn't even have to be correct.

The object of the game is to write down answers you think other players will also write down.  You want your answer to be the same as the other players.

The game comes with 400 cards with different subjects.

Look at the above sample of some of the creative categories.  I love them!  Just random and fun!

Once the time is up, players take turns saying their answers out loud.  If your answer matches another player's answer then you score a "ditto."  If you match both your answers then you score a "double ditto."  THIS IS THE BEST PART OF THE GAME!  It's hilarious to hear what everyone wrote down.  Sometimes is just plain crazy--and it's even crazier when two people have the SAME CRAZY ANSWER!  Lots of high-fives happened in our family.

So now it's your turn to try it!  

I am giving away a FREE Double Ditto game to one of my blissful readers!  If you have joined my newsletter, you'll get extra entries (hint hint).  


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  1. I've always loved Apples to Apples, but this one looks like something I'd like to try!

    1. Yes it's kind of like that but easier and faster-paced. It's so fun!

  2. LOVE trying new games!! Thanks for the giveaway!!


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