Thursday, May 19, 2016

SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium Coming to Utah!

Did you know that SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium is coming to Layton, Utah? Am I the only one who did not know this?!!  I mean, I live in Davis County and I had no idea!  So it's time to spread the word.  I love it when fun things come to my area.  So here's the info you've been seeking (or you are just now interested in it because you had no idea either and you are totally excited to learn more!) AND some discount and event info about SeaQuest Interactive Museums.

UPDATE:  READ ABOUT OUR FIRST VISIT and our REVIEW of SeaQuest Interactive Museum in Utah {HERE} 

SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium Utah comes to Layton Hills Mall and offers a completely interactive, hands-on learning experience with opportunities to:

Explore: Exhibits featuring sea life, rainforest reptiles, tropical birds and vast desert species.

Discover: Feed and interact with over 300 species and 1,500 animals from regions all around the world.

Inspire: Learn more about the world we live in, as well as create lasting memories for the entire family and kids of all ages.

From my research, I've found that the SeaQuest Interactive Museum is set to open the summer/fall of 2016.  There will be over 20,000 square feet of thousands of species! Interact with stingrays, sharks, and other marine life; feed exotic birds, caiman alligators, and reptiles from all over the planet.  Northern Utah is in need of something like this for sure!

I hear that there will be a Stingray Encounter experience.  It is designed for ultimate interaction with Stingrays, Reef Sharks and all kinds of tropical fish. You will be able to meet, feed and even swim with these beautiful animals.  Snorkeling with stingrays could be pretty amazing.  My husband and kidlets are scuba divers, so they are going to be all over this!  They also will hold birthday parties, special events, and just tons of learning experiences for your whole family.

To introduce the soon-to-be SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium, they are holding a fun Mermaid Event on Saturday May 28th! Come out and "Meet the Mermaids!" at the SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium at Layton Hills Mall! Purchase an Annual Pass and get exclusive access with a meet and greet with the cast from the Little Mermaid from The Ziegfeld Theater in Utah!

Find out more here:

My readers get to save! SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium - Annual Pass - Buy your annual pass to SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium right now at our pre-construction pricing with an additional 10% off! Your pass is good for an entire year from the time you first visit. Coupon code is "kidsrule"

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