Monday, June 20, 2016

Adopt-a-Puppy Party and Picnic

Remember the puppy party invites from my last post? Well, our Adopt-a-Puppy Party finally happened. It was a fun, simple party with all the cute little puppy dogs you could wish for.  Baby Girl and all her friends loved adopting the puppies, and had a puppy picnic with them afterward.  This Puppy Party is so creative and easy.  I've gathered a few of the ideas I used to share with you.

Baby Girl wanted all of her friends to be able to adopt a little stuffed puppy of their own.  So I set up a little adoption center for them. 

I found a bunch of these adorable stuffed puppies on the Amazon.  They weren't too expensive, and they were so cute.  Instead of a goodie bag filled with candy, they got to take home a stuffed dog instead.

Dog Assortment - 12 per pack

I found some other fun puppy supplies to put in our adoption center:

free printable adoption certificates 

I also created easy little bags of "dog food" and "fetch sticks" for them take home for their new puppy.  The dog food is just cocoa puffs cereal and the fetch sticks are pretzels.

First, I let the girls decorate their own puppy carrier.  I used white paper bags with a square hole cut in the side so their doggy could peek out.

The puppy carriers doubled as goodie bags, and we filled the bags at the adoption center. 

Here's my adoption center.  Nothing fancy, but still super fun.  After the girls were finished decorating their puppy carriers, they went to the adoption center to pick out a puppy, the adoption certificates, and fill their bags with some puppy essentials.  

After the girls filled their bags and chose a puppy, they named them, filled their certificate and got a little check up for their dog.  We had grandma and grandpa and My Man there to give the dogs a check up and help them fill out their certificates.  I was worried that 8 and 9 year olds would not care for this part--BUT THEY TOTALLY LOVED IT!

When the girls were done adopting their puppies, we went out to the park to have a puppy picnic.  We had a buffet of yummy snack food with some gluten free and dairy-free options for some of our kids with allergies.  The buffet made it easy for them to pick what they wanted. 

Fetch Sticks: pretzels
Fruit Kibble: any kind of fruit
Chew Sticks: carrot sticks
Dog Bones: Scooby Snacks
Cheese Ruffs: cheese puffs
Puppy Chow:  Chex Muddy Buddies
Pupcorn: microwave popcorn
Pupcakes: (see below for fun idea)

These paw print cupcakes or "pupcakes" were literally a piece of cake! Frost your cupcake as desired, then add an Oreo cookie and 3 Hershey Milk Chocolate Drops.  (M&M's or Junior Mints would probably also work fine). 

The girls loved chatting and enjoying the food with their puppies.  When the eating was done, Baby Girl wanted to play Freeze Dance to all her favorite music.  It was a great party!

Here's a link to all the free puppy printables I used:

Pet Adoption Free Printable Certificates from The Chickabug Blog 

Free Dog Bone Printable Food Label from The Cooke Fam

Balsamic Glaze Spring Salad Buggles craft Tell Your Kids You Love Them Easy Frozen Party Ideas


  1. Lisa,

    Thank you for your posting on holding a Puppy Party! I have been searching and searching. Your post I found to be the most helpful for my party. Great job! Wonderful ideas and info. Very easy to navigate for us non-technical people!!

    1. Oh I am so glad you found this and that it is helpful to you. My daughter had a blast at this party so I hope it helps someone else. Thanks for stopping by!


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