Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bloomsy Box: Happiness at Your Doorstep

*This post is sponsored by Bloomsy Box, a flower subscription service.  All opinions and written material is my own.

So you are looking for happiness, right?  Aren't we all hoping to make each day a GOOD day?  For me, flowers truly brighten my day.  I LOVE FLOWERS.  I always have.  I am super sappy if My Man buys me a flower bouquet or if my kidlets bring me morning glory and dandelions from the garden (there is evidence of this on my Instagram feed).  I can never get enough flowers and that is why I want to tell you about Bloomsy Box.  Bloomsy Box is a flower subscription service, that delivers beautiful, handpicked blooms straight to your door once a month.  It's like happiness at your doorstep every month!

Here are the Bloomsy Box flowers I received this month.  Seriously gorgeous.  I would never have time to go out and find unique lilies like this.  But these beauties just showed up at the door and have brought me joy all week.

They came very fresh and healthy.  No dead, wilting petals like the bouquets at the grocery store.

Here is how Bloomsy Box works:

1.  You pick which plan you want.  They have small, medium, or large bouquet plans to choose from. ALL SHIPPING IS INCLUDED.

S:   $34.99
M:  $38.99
L:   $48.99

These prices are very comparable with other flower services (even lower than many!) AND Bloomsy Box flowers are never bouquets filled with "unnecessary extras" (you know, those ugly fillers in cheezy bouquets?).  They gorgeous single-variety, hand-tied bunches.  Love it!

2.  They handpick the flowers for you and ship them fresh to your door each month.  The flowers are usually shipped around the 12th of each month, but you can change the date of delivery if needed.  The flowers are often seasonal selections.

3.  All plans auto-renew or can be canceled online at any time.  They also have weekly and bi-weekly subscription plans.  You can pause your subscription if you are out of town or whatever.  Flowers are guaranteed to look fresh for at least 7 days.

I think that Bloomsy Box makes a unique gift for mothers, friends, sisters, newlyweds, anniversaries, and even just for yourself.  Especially during the fall and winter months when the flowers in your own garden have faded, wouldn't it be nice to have blooms all year long?

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