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How to Host a Cooking Camp for Kids

Hey, this is Sweet Teen again! Today I have an awesome idea for you and even teens out there who want to teach while earning a little money. This is all about how to host a simple cooking class for kids.  This is such a simple way to entertain kids and teach them some cooking skills at the same time.  This idea can be used as a party, or a class just for kids.  I've even included our free Cooking Camp Recipe Book Printable at the bottom of this post.  I did this cooking camp for girls ages 7 and up in our neighborhood.  I charged a small fee for them to attend as well as for supplies and time.  It was a great success and it helped me earn money for my own summer camp.

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* Your kitchen will get messy.  Have the cooking students help clean up at the end of class.  It's part of cooking!

* Have all the ingredients out and in an easy to use area before the students arrive.

* Reassure the kids that they are doing a good job.  Remind them that not all recipes turn out exactly the same every time.  Cooking takes practice.

* Have paper towels and kitchen cloths handy for spills and hand-drying.

* Encourage each student to bring their own apron.

* Remember to have everyone wash their hands before starting.  Also, remind them about not licking their fingers and to wash their hands often.

* Start with easy recipes for beginners.  Recipes with just a few ingredients and simple steps are best.  Having them work in groups on different things helps with crowd-control.

I used some little plastic containers and clear plastic cups to hold the food we were making, so the kids could take their little creations home.  I also got each girl a wooden spoon to take home.  I got most of the supplies at Dollar Tree.

We set up the table before the girls came with the plastic containers, the wooden spoons and the Cooking Camp Recipe Book.

We put the girls in pairs so it would be easier to cook.  

We had some of the girls start making these easy biscuits.  You can find the recipe at the bottom of this post. The recipe makes just enough for a pair of girls to make their own.

While the others started making their own biscuits, we filled the plastic containers with the ingredients for homemade butter, (whipping cream and salt) and the girls started to shake the containers to churn the butter. 

Once the girls were done making biscuits and butter, we started making little mini versions of our Fresh Berry Trifle!  Be sure to check out my mom's amazing recipe for trifle because it's a delicious hit with everyone and it's easy for kids to make!

When we'd finished the biscuits, trifle, and butter, it was time for the best part. . . cleaning up! (Yes, I made let all the little girls clean up the kitchen)  

This whole class process took about 2 hours.  I had another teenager there to help me so the girls could get any help they needed.  The girls in the camp were old enough for the most part to handle a lot of it on their own.  You could do a one-time class like I did, or you can spread it out over a couple of days and do one recipe each day.  So many options with this idea!  I charged about $5 per child.

It was a blast!  The girls had fun and many asked if I would do it again!

So, here's the easy-peasy recipes for biscuits and butter, and like I promised, the FREE COOKBOOK PRINTABLE below. 

1/4 cup heavy whipping cream (without sugar)
A pinch of salt (for taste)
Put the cold cream and salt in a mason jar.  Close the lid tightly, and shake until the butter is solid.  Then spread it on bread or a biscuit and enjoy! 

(Recipe from the Boy Scout Handbook)
1 cup flour
1 tsp. baking powder
¼ tsp. salt
2 tbsp. oil
Water or milk
Mix all the dry ingredients together.  Drop in the oil, and mix around.  Put in enough water to keep the dough together, but don’t put in so much that it’s sticky.  Cook for 10-15 minutes, or until a fork comes out clean when stuck into the biscuits.

OR CLICK HERE for a step by step tutorial of these Quick Drop Biscuits

I even made a boy version of our cookbook. . . just in case you need it for a scout activity or something.  

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Cooking Camp Recipes Printable Pink {BLANK}

Cooking Camp Recipes Printable Blue {BLANK}

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