Wednesday, October 26, 2016

5 Christian Apps for Children

We live in a digital world; one where kids reach for their parent’s smartphone or tablet to play games rather than going outside to play.

So what can you as a parent do to help better shape the digital habits of your children? How can you turn iPad time from 30 minutes of racing penguins or launching Angry Birds to 30 minutes of doing something that’s fun and wholesome?

Well luckily today there are plenty of entertaining and educational apps for kids that keep their curious minds and fingers busy while also teaching them Christian principles.

Made for ages 6-8
Free for iPhone and iPad

Let your handheld device take your kids on an animated adventure. Kids can journey to Bethlehem the night Jesus was born and explore other big Bible stories all while learning fun facts about the Bible and completing special challenges to earn rewards. With touch-activated animations and colorful pictures, your young kids will love learning the different Bible stories through this engaging app.

Made for various ages 
Free for iPhone and iPad

Engage your kids’ minds and hearts with this interactive and uplifting storybook app. Whether you read the short stories together or let the app’s narrator tell your kids a story, they will enjoy the music, animation and the chance to make a snow angel or conduct a train while following through the various stories. And you will appreciate your kids learning about charity, prayer and other Christian topics.

Made for ages 9-11
Free for iPhone and iPad

For kids who are really into Spider-Man or other comics, this children’s app is guaranteed to be a hit. Children’s Bible is filled with Bible stories in comic and movie formats, helping even the most high-spirited little one to sit still for more than five minutes. Many current app users use it at home with their kids before bedtime or as an edifying way to pass time while on a road trip.

Made for ages 5 and under
Free for iPhone and iPad

We all know the importance of reading the Bible, but young kids don’t quite yet understand, especially when they can’t read. But your kids don’t need to read the Bible to learn of its stories and teachings. My First Bible Games engages young children while teaching them stories and principles through 360 activities and games covering 60 Bible stories. It’s the perfect app for kids and toddlers who already enjoy doing puzzles or memory and trivia games. And if your kids are older than 5, check out the Children’s Bible Games for kids ages 9-11.

Made for ages 5 and under
Free for iPhone and iPad

This Christian children’s app is centered around the song, “Jesus Loves Me,” something every kid needs to know and be constantly reminded. And they will as they watch an animated video of kids singing this song and as they sing and record themselves (or your whole family) singing different remixed versions of this song. There are also animated shorts that quote and simply explain Bible verses as well as a memory game.

Each of these apps, and any of the other numerous ones out there, are wonderfully engaging teachers and an easy and fun way to get you and your kids talking about Christian principles.

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  1. Thank you for the great compilation! May I suggest another app? With more than 1 MILLION downloads, REMEMBER ME is Android’s most popular Bible memory app. It features any Bible version you like, quizzes, audio, flashcards, spaced repetition. It’s so easy to use it’s even part of Google Play for Families.


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