Monday, October 24, 2016

Discover Your Story at the FamilySearch Discovery Center

What is your story?  If you were to pass away today, what would be the story that you leave behind?  Would your family know your story?  What information would you want to give them . . . that information that only you can give?  I'm here to tell you about a place that can help you discover your story and make it come to life.  My family and I visited the FamilySearch Family Discover Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place! If you are visiting this area anytime soon, this is a great place to stop with your kids.  It's interactive, it's personal, it's educational, and it's very fun!  You'll learn about your ancestors, where your bloodline comes from, what your name means, important things from the year you were born, and you can even record your favorite memory or family story for free.  Basically, you learn about yourself and how your story matters.

The FamilySearch Discovery Center is located in downtown Salt Lake City on Temple Square.  They are actually about to open and even bigger center soon, so keep an eye open for that.

The FamilySearch Discovery Center is completely interactive.  Each person is given an iPad to take around with them.  You sign into the iPad and take it with you to dock it at each different station.  If you sign up for a free account from it makes it an even better experience because it's more personalized.  The more info in your account, the better.

This video will give you a great idea of all the interactive things to do. 

Here are my kidlets at the different stations learning about who they are and where they came from.  They have information about your names, the meanings and origins.  As well as info about cultural or historical happenings that have happened during your own lifetime.  My kids were laughing about all the 80's songs that were big during my childhood.

You can also learn about where your ancestry came from.  The maps are so interactive and you could sit for hours learning about your bloodlines.  I found out I am pretty much English--like 85% of my ancestors all lead back to the United Kingdom.  But my kids are not the same because My Man has a lot of Scandinavian.  

All the screens are touch screens making it very easy for little hands to use and fun for teens to use as well.  

One of the highlights of the center is being about to record your story in a sound-proof studio for free.  Each person gets a 10 minute recording and it is sent to them for free.  My kidlets loved this!  They have an option to be interviewed and just tell about yourself, or you can share a memory.  Here's Baby Girl telling all about her life.  This was fun for us to hear as parents because she tends to be quieter about things and so we got to hear some great info we didn't know about her.

Here's my Sweet Teen and Little Son recording a funny memory they have together that ended up with one of them getting a broken foot.  They were laughing as they told it and now we have a great recording of it.

Again, I must tell you that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Family Discovery Center!!  It's probably the best way I have found so far to help my kids enjoy family history and learning about their family heritage.  You get to step inside your ancestor's shoes for a moment and see how their lives have changed your own.  We had a blast because we get to do everything and it's all about US.  If you are going to Salt Lake City soon, put this on your list!



  1. Lisa, excellent post. Thank you for sharing. Since Virginia has been the FHC Director, we have been focused on the stories of our ancestors. Recording the stories of our lives has been falling by the wayside. Excellent Post!

    1. It's so easy to forget our own story and this new center takes personal history to a whole new level. Thanks for stopping by!!


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