Friday, October 28, 2016

Gift Guide for 13 Year Old Boys

I know firsthand that finding a gift for a 13 year old boy can be difficult if you are trying to find something that is NOT video-game or cell phone related.  Sure, it would be easy to just give my son an iTunes gift card and call it good (because yes, 13 year olds do want those) but sometimes I just want to give him an actual gift that doesn't involve an electronic screen.  So here's my gift guide for 13 year old boys.  Most of these we have enjoyed and tried ourselves.  Hopefully, you will find these 10 gift ideas for 13 year old teenage boys helpful.

Are you ready to see what you can give boys without the gift involving an electronic screen?  Ok.  Let's go!

If you have never played with a Perplexus, now is the time to try it.  This game is so fun for adults and teens alike.  It's like a 3D maze with different levels to get through.  Provides hours of fun and is great for boring car rides or just lounging at home.  

This has been a fun thing that my son has enjoyed.  Just remember to have him throw it in wide open areas and away from people.  

For the kid that likes to build and put things together, this is a good toy.  It's small enough to even be a stocking stuffer.

My son actually learned to play this in P.E. at school, and it was actually seen on Shark Tank.  But this is an active group game that can be played on the beach, in the backyard, or I'm thinking even in the snow!  Why not?

Many 13 year old boys are still very into Legos.  This is a very popular set right now as it features a scene from Captain America Civil War and includes the large Ant Man and many Avengers Lego Mini Figures.  807 pieces.

From what I understand, this game is not played exactly the same as the original Risk board game by Hasbro, but it's perfect for your Star Wars fan and looks very fun.  2-4 players.

As the box states this is a real-time adventure game and it's super fun!  This board game really gets the adrenaline going like no board game ever has! It's awesome because everyone playing has to work at a team to escape in time.  My whole family LOVES this game!

QuadPro CM5 Mini RC Quadcopter-Drone with camera

Drones are all the rage so your 13 year old boy is bound the love this gift.  My son has a similar one and it's fun for him to play in the park with his friends.

I highly recommend Snap Circuits for your curious boy.  This toy teaches your child about electronics and they actually build something that works--like a radio!  My son listens to his radio that he built all the time.  Very cool toy.

How about a foosball table?  This game is always a favorite among my son and his friends.  They'll actually have foosball tournaments.  Good fun.

I hope this post helps give you some good gift ideas for your thirteen year old son, or any teenage boy for that matter.

Please share with others AND tell me in the comments of your non-electronic screen gift ideas!

Happy Parenting!

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