Friday, January 13, 2017

Printable Valentine Mystery Dinner Menus

Hey there! So now that you are all excited to plan a Valentine Mystery Dinner you will need some easy printable Valentine menus to go with it.  That's where I come in.  I've got you covered.  Print these free Valentine menus and you won't have to worry about a thing besides deciding what food you want to have.  These mystery dinner menus are perfect for a family Valentine dinner or a fun group activity.  See how we did it {HERE}.

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Here's how you use these Printable Mystery Dinner Menus:

1.  Plan a menu with food that your family or group loves.  

2.  Use the menu guide (see image below) to assign each menu item a number and code name and fill it in on the menu guide.  This will help you as you serve the food for each guest.  You can even assign napkins, forks, and spoons a code name, for a very fun and mixed up dinner. Do not show this to your dinner guests!

3.  As everyone sits down to dinner, give each person a printable Mystery Dinner Menu.  Each guest picks 3 menu items for each course and writes the numbers of what they want in the box. It’s more fun if they only get to use each menu item once.  Guests will have fun guessing what they will be having for dinner.

4.  Gather the menus and starting with appetizers, fill each person’s plate with the items they chose and serve.  As they finish the first course, continue in the same way with the main course and then dessert.  It’s fun to see their surprise as they get each course.

This is the menu guide for you to keep track of the code names/numbers you assigned to each food or item.

This is the menu for your guests to fill in.  They pick numbers on the left to go in the boxes on the right for each of their courses.

I hope this helps you have a super fun Valentine activity with your friends or family!  Happy Love Day!

For more information on how we used our menus and did our Valentine Mystery Dinner click to the PREVIOUS post:

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