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10 Ways to Show Forgiveness + Printable Forgiveness Cards

I recently wrote an article about 6 Ways to Live a More Blissful Life and since then I have been thinking more about forgiveness and saying sorry.  I've decided that I should have added those things to the list of things that help us live with more joy.  I'm learning that forgiveness and saying sorry really do have power to make us HAPPY, and we all want to be happy, right?  So today in preparation for the #PrinceofPeace movement for Easter that focuses on inner peace I bring you some thoughts about forgiving.  I've included 10 Ways to Show Forgiveness and also some light-hearted I FORGIVE YOU Printable Cards for when you need a little help telling someone that you forgive them.

I recently was taught this little lesson about forgiveness.  If you were bitten by a poisonous snake which of the following actions would help you the most:

* To hunt down the snake immediately and kill it?

* To quickly get the poison out of your body?

Obviously, in order to stay alive you would need to forget about the snake and quickly get the poison out.  If you were to go after the snake instead and leave the poison you would most likely die because you left the poison in too long.  So when it comes to forgiveness, just like this scenario it's better to work on getting over the hurt and pain (the poison) and learning to forgive rather than letting the poison of revenge and anger fester and eventually take over.

I think forgiveness can be pretty tough for all of us, but I think we do it more than we realize.  For those moments when it feels hard to forgive someone, even for the little things, I've got some easy ways to tell someone you forgive them.  I've also created free Printable Forgiveness Cards for when you can't find the words to tell that person who has hurt you that you forgive them.  Sometimes when someone apologizes to us, we are not ready to forgive.  So when you come around and are finally ready, use these cards to lighten the mood and make things right.

Watch this video to see one woman's experience with forgiving her father.

 10 Ways to Show Forgiveness

1.  Smile.  You may not even have the words yet, but a smile is a start.

2. Send an email.  If you are not ready to talk in person, send your forgiving thoughts via the internet.  Express kind thoughts and make sure you don't continue the fight.

3. Text it.  A simple text may suffice.  The words don't have to be elaborate.  A simple "It's okay" or "I'm not mad" works and if all else fails send a nice emoji!

4. Say it with a song.  Sometimes music says things just the right way.  Play it, sing it, or share it with your offender.

5. Help out.  Serving or doing something kind is a great way to show someone that you are not mad anymore.

6. Hug.  So much forgiveness can be communicated in a simple hug and it's beneficial for both of you.

7. Give a gift.  It could be a small token, a flower, anything to show you still care about them.

8. Don't remind them.  A huge part of forgiving is letting go.  Don't bring it up.  Don't remind them all the time.

9.  Don't gossip.  Showing forgiveness to someone also involves not spreading the bad news to everyone else.  Gossiping about their behavior only keeps both of you from moving on.

10. Show gratitude.  Focus on the things that you like about the person who has offended you and let them know by showing your thankfulness.  By doing so, your forgiveness will shine through.

"I FORGIVE YOU" CARDS -- Free Printables

If you would like to know more about the #PrinceOfPeace initiative be sure to check out or just plug that hashtag in and see all the good stuff going around.  It's a great way to look inward and find the peace that we all need.

Now for the free printable forgiveness cards.  Use these cards to say what you cannot.  Add them to a gift or leave it on their desk to be found later.  They are meant to lighten the mood and help your friend or loved one know that you still care.  There are 8 different cards to choose from!

Click Below:

Click NEXT for Ways to Say Sorry and Free Printable I'M SORRY CARDS:

(Coming soon!)

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