Monday, May 1, 2017

Superhero Printable Activity Pack

Got a superhero fan?  Or maybe YOU are the fan.  If you so, I've got the best FREE Superhero Bingo Game and Superhero Printable Activity Pack to share with you!  My whole family is into the whole superhero thing.  My Man loves to go see the movies as soon as they come out.  And my teens are obsessed.  Even my youngest daughter wanted DC Superhero dolls for Christmas.  We are hooked.   So we created these printables to satisfy your superhero love.  The superhero bingo game is FREE to get you started.  And then you'll want to check out the rest of the Superhero Printables including 8 Printable Superhero masks, Printable Superhero Scattergories Game, Superhero Memory Game Cards, and Superhero Search and Find for cheap baby!

There's so many fun ways to use these superhero activity printables.  Parties, preschool, homeschool, summer boredom, car trips, cub scouts, anything!!!

Be sure to get your FREE SUPERHERO BINGO at the bottom!

Scroll down to get your FREE Superhero Bingo Game at the bottom of this post and on your way down there see what other fun superhero activities are available in my Superhero Printable Activity Pack for only $4.50 through MY NEW ETSY SHOP! 

Eight awesome printable superhero masks are included in the Superhero Printable Activity Pack.  The 8 heroes are Captain America, Iron Man, Batman, Thor, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Spider Man, and Cat Woman.  Such a fun way to invite pretend play with your young kids, or to use in skits, for birthday parties, photo booths and more!

You also get Superhero Scattergories, which is a great game for groups, icebreakers, family get-togethers and more.  To see more of our printable scattergories games and find out how to play, click here.  Superhero Memory Game cards are also in the pack.  These cards are fun to play memory matching or Go Fish too.

And last, but not least, you get the printable Superhero Search and Find.  
Try to find all the items as fast as you can.  This is a favorite on long car trips or airplane rides.  I like to laminate it so it can be used over and over.

To get ALL the items listed click to 

And now for the FREE Superhero Bingo Game . . . 

To print your FREE Superhero Bingo Game click on the link below:

Hope this helps someone geek out on superhero fun!  Have a blissful day!
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