Tuesday, May 2, 2017

YODA BEST Star Wars Printables for May the Fourth

Aaaaack!  I'm crazy-excited to share with you these Star Wars printables for May the Forth!!  Seriously, I've never been so geeked out about May the 4th before!  But here's a fun way to celebrate using these YODA BEST CARDS (Get it?  Say it fast . . . "Yoda best ever!" Pure awesomeness for Star Wars fans!)  Think of surprising your Mom or your friends and co-workers with these printable cards.  They would also work for Mother's Day and Father's Day because I've made a version for that as well ("Yoda Best Dad" and "Yoda Best Mom").

Because I got so into this little project one afternoon on a crazy whim, I ended up making cards for Mom, Dad, Brother, and Sister.  Then I made a few generic cards that can be used for friends, aunts, neighbors, co-workers, etc.  I also made a few Mom and Dad cards that can be used for Mother's Day and Father's Day.  There are many different options.   All the cards are close to 4x6 size (maybe a little smaller?) and there is one 8x10 poster size that says "YODA BEST."

 So get printing!!!

These printable cards will be available for FREE for the week of MAY 4th.  

After that they will go into my e-store for purchase after the first week for $2.50.

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These are perfect for the Star-Wars-loving Mom or Dad for Mother's Day or Father's Day!


Happy Star Wars Day!  And May the Forth Be With You!

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